telephone number

Under the Accessible Information Standards, if patients require information to be communicated to them by alternative means, please could they inform the Premier Nursing office. This information will then be recorded and it will be made clear how Premier Nursing can help to meet those needs.

  • Conversation & Companionship

    Our carers are there to offer you emotional, mental, physical and social support. The primary goal for the carer is to prevent isolation and to help you to have a dignified, healthy lifestyle.

  • Driving to appointments

    To help you retain your independence we can provide a nurse or carer who will accompany you to appointments. Our staff are also happy to take you out on shopping trips, or visits to meet friends. Carers visits can be arranged at times to suit you and can be anything from a few hours, to a full day.

  • Reading

    To help you keep in touch with events and happenings our carers will come to you in order to read to you the newspapers, keep you up to date with your favourite magazine articles, or stories. Visits can be arranged daily, weekly or on a more ad-hoc basis to suit you.

  • Sitting Service

    If you feel like a little extra company, a carer can come into your home and sit with you during the day simply to chat, watch television or assist with your daily activities. Visits can be arranged daily, weekly or on a more informal basis to suit you with a member of our staff who you know and like.

  • Social Support

    Our carers will encourage and assist you to remain in active contact with your friends, relatives and the local community. They will assist with planning for getting together with friends and trips out, and will help you attend meetings and events.


Inspection Reports

We were rated by CQC as requires improvement, please see the link to the full CQC report.