telephone number

Under the Accessible Information Standards, if patients require information to be communicated to them by alternative means, please could they inform the Premier Nursing office. This information will then be recorded and it will be made clear how Premier Nursing can help to meet those needs.

  • Getting up and going to bed

    If you find it increasingly difficult to get up or get ready for bed, our staff will come to help with both. They will provide as much assistance as you need so you are ready to start the day, or get a good night’s sleep. They will also make beds and change bed linen so ensuring that your bed is clean and comfortable.

  • Bathing and washing

    Our carers will provide as much assistance as you need to help you safely bathe and wash as there is nothing like a relaxing bath or shower to help you feel clean and recharged. They will be close by at all times to help you get in and out of the bath, and make sure you are dry and comfortable afterwards, preserving your privacy and dignity at all times.

  • Dressing

    Our experienced and friendly carers are ready and able to support. They will help with dressing and undressing and will assist with your personal laundry if required.

  • Toileting

    Our carers will help you with toileting and continence care. This will include help to and from the toilet or commode. The carers will also help with regular visits to change incontinence pads, and with changing, emptying and charging of catheter bags. They will always maintain a high standard of cleanliness with any equipment used.

  • Medication support

    As medication becomes more complex our care staff can visit your home, at times to suit you, to administer medications or to gently remind and prompt you to take prescribed medication. This may allow you to return home from hospital earlier than would otherwise have been safe.

  • Night care – sleepover or awake

    We understand that post hospital admission or in a period of ill health  you may feel a little vulnerable. Premier Nursing can supply the staff to assist you through an otherwise difficult period. Care at night can involve the carer or nurse being awake all night and attentive to your needs, (awake night), or a carer can sleep in your home and so give you the reassurance of having someone to call if necessary, (sleepover night).

Inspection Reports

We were rated by CQC as requires improvement, please see the link to the full CQC report.